Hip Hop Anonymous


This is my second book and it is coming out very soon!

Hattie, the hippo dreams of being a dancer, but her foot won’t work. The first ever Savannah Shuffle is this Friday and all her friends are going. What will Hattie do? Join Mabel Meerkat and Hip Hop Anonymous as they help Hattie.

I am taking pre-sale orders for this week through November 8th. You can email me: debbienoble48@yahoo.com, message me on Facebook or text me if you know my number.

The pre-order price will be $11. If I need to mail it to you, please add $1.

I am excited to share Hattie’s story with you!






Together Tuesday




Kids view


Being that this is the last Tuesday in June, I want to honor fathers one more time. There is just someone unique about a relationship between a father and child. Dad’s do things with kid’s the “dad way.”

I love that my dad took time to do special things with my sisters and myself. He knew each one of his daughters needed their own time with their dad.

Many things I remember doing with my dad. He rode bikes with me, taught me how to play golf, bought clothes for me, drove my friends and I to fun places, went on nature walks and hugged me often.

The little things are what I remember most.

So, I am asking all of  you to share with me your favorite “little thing” activity you remember doing with your dad/father.




Yes, that’s right…the summer fun contest is here! Independence Day/July 4th is coming soon. Time for swimming in the pool, firing up the grill, and  relaxing with family and friends.

Please enter this contest by showing me your cheapest fun family July 4th activity.  It could be anything from watermelon carving, neighborhood parades, creating a patriotic craft from things at home, making homemade lemonade, water fun, or decorating cookies.  Whatever it is your family does for inexpensive family fun.

Please send your picture(can be from years past as well) to developing minds2014@gmail.com. Enter by JULY 12th. 

First place winner will receive a gift card. Second and third place will receive a children’s picture book.

I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures.

Show me your cheapest family fun activity!





What was or is your favorite activity with your father/dad? I would enjoy hearing your comments. Happy Fathers Day this Sunday to all the fathers/dads!



Together Tuesday: Dads


I love the simplicity of this picture. Both dad and child are having a fun moment in their day. It didn’t take a lot of time or money…..just a sunny day in the yard.

Dad’s are so important to children. Children who have a father involved in their life, fair better with relationships as they grow into adulthood.

I can remember my dad playing blocks with me, playing hide and seek, taking me on hikes, playing board games, and listening to me when I was down. I am certain he bought things for me but, I more remember the activities he did with me.

Whatever your family background, making time to just “be in the moment” with your child can make the greatest impact in their life.

Take the time for the simple things in life.





Little Helping Hands

child helping at home

Little kids like to help.  They love to “play” like they are working…..cooking a meal, building something, working on the car. An easy way to  to engage a toddler in play is to start to work on something and make it look like you need help. Many times they will come over to help you.Little kids like to help out.

Kids enjoy being helpful and so experience a positive feeling. Also, kids are motivated to want to help people who need to get help, whether they help or not.

I can remember helping my mom “stir” while standing on a chair so I could reach the stove. At about age six, I can remember helping a lady pick up an item she dropped out of her grocery cart.  It made me feel good inside.

As a Pre-K teacher and parent, I have observed that kids help because there is something about being helpful that they enjoy.  What a great opportunity we as parents have to show our kids how to be helpful.  Allow them to help you take laundry out the dryer, count how many plates need to be set on the table, and stir the pudding mix. Not only will they learn about helpfulness, but may also learn a little math and reading along the way. And who doesn’t enjoy being around a kid who is helpful?